Purchasing & Delivery

Purchasing or renting a container is a big decision. Let us help you through the process! Here are a few things to be considered when purchasing.

Work or storage space required

Containers come in a variety of sizes. Typically, the transportation industry will use 20’ shipping containers and 40’ shipping containers making them the most plentiful and allowing for the lowest used container price. Containers are modular allowing for multiple ways to meet the same storage needs by using various combinations of 40’ and 20’ units.

Ground space for delivery

Before delivery takes place, we strongly recommend you inspect the delivery location and take the following into consideration.

  • 60 feet is required to deliver a 20 foot container /  120 feet is required to deliver a 40 foot container.
  • The delivery area must be at least 12 feet wide.
  • A height of 14 feet in the delivery area is required so that the container can be titled and carefully dropped into place.

Ground condition and level

Delivery vehicles are heavy and have been known to sink in soft areas. The ground must be sufficiently solid to support the truck and the container.

We recommend the container be placed on level ground. While containers are made of steel they will deform slightly when not on level ground making the doors hard to open and close.  Placing the container on 4x4 or 6x6 of pressure treated lumber is suggested as it allows for easily releveling of the container should the ground shift during thaw and freeze cycles. 

Modification & Accessories

Depending on your application, a modified shipping container may be recommended. The options with regard to container modification are limitless allowing us to create a custom tailored solution to your needs.

Reach out to us today to discuss your project. We are able to customize your container to your unique specifications.

NEED MORE SECURITY? We recommend you enquire about installing a LOCKBOX on your shipping container.


If a shipping container is sold from a facility that is not OWNED and CONTROLLED by the seller, they have most likely not seen the containers being sold. We recommend you enquire with your supplier.

Be wary of Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji posts, especially if the price seems too good to be true. LRI does not provide pricing on either of these platforms.

Ensure all email correspondence is done using @lricontainers.com email addresses.

If possible, request a visit and inspect the container. We love to meet with our clients and will always be pleased to have you visit.

If you have any doubts, call us. Always use the number listed on our official website or on our Google business profile.